The “Nickname Game”!

Did you know any of the Nicknames?

Heres the answers!

1. Rubberhead…. Rusty Wallace! The nickname was given to him by Dale Earnhardt Sr after a hard crash that Wallace endured.

2. Mr. September…… Also known as “Handsome Harry” and “High Groove Harry”, theBandit, Harry Gant! He was known as “Handsome Harry” Gant due to his Hollywood- style good looks, “Mr. September” after winning four consecutive Winston Cup races and two Busch Series races in September 1991, and “High Groove Harry” after the high line he often took through the corner.

3. Wonderboy…….. He was given the nickname “Wonder Boy” by Dale Earnhardt Sr, and Gordons pit crew was called the “Rainbow Warriors”. Gordon drove his first NASCAR race in Atlanta, 1992, did you know it was Jeff Gordon?

4. The Silver Fox……. Known by all, Hall of Fame member David Pearson! He was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame on May 23, 2011.

5. The Ice Man….. The Coolest driver in the garage, Champion Driver, Terry Labonte.

6. The Golden Boy…… Drove the famous Lafayette Ford #28, and latest member of the Hall of Fame, Fred Lorenzen.

7. Sliced Bread…….. If he keeps winning, they will call him the “Whole Loaf”!…. Its Joey Logano!

8. The Mayor….. Now retired from racing and about to begin his broadcasting career with NBC, it Jeff Burton. Named the Mayor for his calm but well respected opinion he gave on NASCAR’s rules and actions.

9. The Onion….. Also now semi-retired, his nickname came from his slick bald head!… Todd Bodine!

10. The Rocket Man…. Did you know it is Ryan Newman? …( I bet Wanda did!)

11. Bubba……. Now an Xfinity driver, he started in the Camping World Truck Series… Darrell Wallace Jr.

12. Herman the German……. Current host on Raceday, former Cup driver, drives his own open wheeled modified race car……… yep, its own own Kenny Wallace! He has had that nickname since he was very young back in St Louis, MO.

13. June Bug or Little E…… His dad called him June bug….of course its Dale Jr!

14. Rowdy….. or Shrub sometimes called… back to racing after his Daytona accident, Kyle Busch!

15. The Candy Man…. Elliott Sadler! He acquired this nickname after joining Robert Yates Racing in 2003.

16. Outlaw……… The original Outlaw, Kurt Busch!

17. Zippy…… Long time crew chief for Tony Stewart, Tony shorten his last name for Greg Zipadelli.

18. The Dinger…… Yep, it has to be A. J. Almendinger!!!.

19. Rooster…. Ricky Rudd! – Rudd was feisty, tough, and scrappy like a bantam rooster!

20. Jaws….. yep, its DW, Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip. Cale Yarborough gave DW this name because he disliked how much Waltrip talked.

21. Fireball….. Edward Glenn “Fireball”  Roberts. Roberts was a great baseball pitcher, and “Fireball” came from his ability to throw baseballs.

22. This was a tough one!… Squirrel Sr was Lee Petty…. and of course, Squirrel Jr was Richard Petty.

The Nickname “Squirrel Sr” still remains a mystery. One theory is that the Disney movie “Bambi” sparked names for Lee and Richards 1959 Oldsmobiles as Thumper I and Thumper II. Hence the squirrel names. Another theory is back in Richards early driving days, his erratic driving style earned him the name “Squirrel”. We just guess that since he was Lee’s son, someone stuck the Jr at the end. Then perhaps as a show of support to his son, Lee added Squirrel Sr on his car for a few races, but that’s just a theory. One day we will ask Richard where it really came from!

Keep looking!….. More nicknames to come!