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Trivia Questions:

1.      What did CBS TV broadcaster Ned Jarrett call the final few laps of the 1993 Daytona 500 race?

2.      Who won the Rookie of the Year award in 2000?

3.      The Harley J Earl Trophy is given to the winner of which NASCAR race?

4.      Who are the father and son duos to have won the Daytona 500?

5.      Where is the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 held?

6.      In 2002, Tony Stewart was named NASCAR Driver of the Year. What kind of car was he driving?

7.      Who was the first woman to run in the Daytona 500?

8.      What two car numbers did Dale Earnhardt use during the 1981 NASCAR season?

9.      We all know Richard Petty is the all leader in total NASCAR wins with 200. Who is second on the all time win list?

10.   What was Rusty Wallace’s car number when he won the NASCAR Championship in 1989?

11.   How many members are in a NASCAR pit crew?

12.   In 1952, what company built the first purpose-built racing tire?

a. Michelin

b. Goodyear

c. Hoosier

d. Pure Oil Company



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1.      The Dale & Dale Show

2.      Matt Kenseth

3.      The Daytona 500

4.      Lee & Richard Petty, Bobby & Davey Allison, and Dale Earnhardt Sr & Dale Earnhardt Jr

5.      Charlotte Motor Speedway

6.      Pontiac Grand Prix

7.      Janet Guthrie in 1977

8.      #2 and #3

9.      David Pearson

10.   #27

11.   7 crew members

12.   Pure Oil Company


Speedway Names Trivia………….

Question – The Daytona International Speedway has a 180 acre infield area, which includes the 29 acre Lake Lloyd. How did lake Lloyd get it name?

Answer – To build the high banking, crews had to dig out millions of tons of soil from the track’s infield. Because of the high water table in the area, the hole excavated filled with water to form what is now known as Lake Lloyd, named after Joseph “Sax” Lloyd, one of the original six members of the Daytona Beach Speedway Authority. (The lake would be stocked with 65,000 fish, and France would arrange speedboat races on it.)


Question – Which NASCAR Track is nicknamed “The Last Great Colosseum”?

Answer –  The Bristol Motor Speedway


Question – Which NASCAR Track is nicknamed “The Great American Speedway”?

Answer – It is Texas Motor Speedway!


Dover International Speedway Trivia………….

Question – Known as the “Monster Mile”….. do you know the name of the Monster at Dover?

Answer –  He is named “Miles the Monster”


NASCAR Charlotte Motor Speedway Coca-Cola 600 Trivia Answer!

Question – Which driver has recorded the most World 600 & Coca-Cola 600 wins at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Answer – Did you know it was Darrell Waltrip, a 5 times winner!…….. The winner in 1978, 1979, 1985, 1988, 1989.

 Last weeks All-Star Race Trivia question…..

Question – The first NASCAR Sprint All-Star was in 1985, and all but one has been held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Did you know where it was held and in what year? ?

Answer – It was in 1986, and was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was won by Bill Elliott.

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A rare time when the Wood Brothers fielded 2 cars in a NASCAR race. You know David Pearson is in the famous #21, did you know the driver of the Wood Brothers #41?


It was “Big Tex”, AJ Foyt.


Which 2 famous driver/car owners drove the #3 car in NASCAR before Dale Earnhardt Sr.?


Junior Johnson and Richard Childress!


Other notable drivers in #3 that you may have guessed:

  • Charlie Glotzbach, 14 starts, 1 win
  • David Pearson, 13 starts, 3 win
  • Cotton Owens, 10 starts
  • Cale Yarborough, 4 starts
  • Fireball Roberts, 4 starts, 1 win
  • Danny Letner, 2 starts, 1 win
  • Earl Barlmer, 2 starts, 1 win

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