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Speedway Names Trivia………….

The Daytona International Speedway has a 180 acre infield area, which includes the 29 acre Lake Lloyd. How did Lake Lloyd get its name?

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Did you ever Wonder?


What makes a race track a short track or a superspeedway?

Pretty simple actually, an oval track of one(1) mile or more is considered a superspeedway. An oval tracks under a mile in length is considered a short track. At present there are only three short tracks, Bristol(.533 mile), Martinsville(.526 mile) and Richmond(.75 mile). Of course Sears Point and Watkins Glen are road courses. (


How much does it cost a team owner to enter a NASCAR Sprint Cup race?

If the entry blank is mailed and received on time [usually 13 days before the race date] the entry fee is $4,300 to enter a car in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race. The fee is none-refundable. A late / post entry fee is $5,675 and the car owner nor the driver get any points.(2-12-2013)(


When was the last dirt track race ran in the Sprint Cup [Grand National] Series?

At State Fairgrounds Speedway (1/2 mile) in Raleigh, NC on September 30, 1970, won by #43-Richard Petty before a crowd of 6,000. It was a 100 mile race, 200 laps, Petty won by 2 laps over #06-Neil Castles. #4-John Sears won the pole with a speed of 71.380mph and finished last of the 23 cars in the field. (


“Racing Behind the Wall” Snippets!

*Early in his career, Michael Waltrip lived with Richard Petty. He started out living with Kyle, but Michael moved out of Kyle’s house and into Richard’s when he and Kyle had an argument that ended with Kyle throwing Michael’s shoes into a lake.


* Texas Motor Speedway has created another culinary delight for race fans! The “Loaded Hawg Dawg” will made its debut during the INDYCAR/NASCAR Camping World Truck Series doubleheader in the Lone Star State. Here’s how the track describes the bacon-infused treat:

“The Loaded Hawg Dawg is a delicious, oversized sandwich featuring a generous portion of slow-cooked pulled pork, two mozzarella cheese sticks and two thick slices of bacon on a foot-long bun. It is then topped off with cheddar bacon jalapeno queso and sliced jalapenos.”

It can be yours for $12.00.


* For the first time since 1970, The King, Richard Petty’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird is back on the road!

The iconic stock car – that’s also the star of the animated Disney Pixar movie “Cars” – is headed to this years Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England.


* A little more than a week after becoming a father, Brad Keselowski said his daughter is healthy. As for new dad Brad, he seems to be enjoying the first few days of fatherhood, even if he has yet to engage in one of the novelties that typically comes with first-time parenting.

The 2012 Sprint Cup Series Champion revealed that he had yet to change a diaper, opting to instead leave that duty to girlfriend Paige White, his baby’s mother.

“I haven’t changed one yet,” Keselowski said, “Much like a race car driver should be, you rely on your pit crew, and my pit crew is Paige, and she is great at changing diapers.”

 (Fox Sports-Shake and Bake)


Lets Play the NASCAR Drivers “Nickname Game”!

Can you name the NASCAR driver by his “Nickname”? 

1. Rubberhead

2. Mr. September

3. Wonderboy

4. The Silver Fox

5. The Ice Man

6. The Golden Boy

7. Sliced Bread

8. The Mayor

9. The Onion

10. Rocket Man

11. Bubba

12. Herman the German

13. June Bug… or… Little E

14. Rowdy

15. The Candy Man

16. Outlaw

17. Zippy

18. The Dinger

19. Rooster

20. Jaws

21. Fireball

22. Squirrel Sr……and Squirrel Jr…. think before you see the answer!!

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More Nicknames to come!